• warehouse

    You don´t need an overpriced robotic warehouse which will not have any return on investment for decades.
    Our Ardoo4u technology, thanks to its intelligent connection to SMART devices, will effectively and accurately guide you to any item you are looking for in the pallets stored on shelves in your warehouse. Make your employee´s performance and business more efficient – you will be able to start counting the return on your investments in months.

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  • E-Shop

    The peak-season of orders is approaching and everything is accelerating. The pace of your employees can´t catch up to the increased workload, received goods are disorganized, orders are not prepared and, in turn, not shipped in time because you cannot find them? The situation continues to get more chaotic, employees start getting in each others way, the amount of complaints from customers keeps increasing, everything is late and time is running out?
    Not here  With the Ardoo4u system, with an intelligent connection to SMART devices and an IS system, we know exactly where everything is. We know the exact status of our warehouse at every moment. We simply scan the order using the QR or EAN code and the Ardoo4u device lights up and allows you to quickly and accurately locate, pack and ship it to your customer.

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  • HOME

    Life can be beautiful and full of contentment even during challenging situations such as moving or quickly need to find something at home when you don´t know where to even start looking.
    Thanks to the Ardoo4u App and its intelligent connection to SMART devices, you can easily locate exactly what you are looking for through QR codes. Scan the QR code or chose the “lost” item by photograph or name stored in the Ardoo4u App and then just click “locate”.

    Life is simply full of content

    It´s lunchtime or the end of business day and customers/patients are pouring in. They´re getting antsy standing in line. Your staff is hectically searching for various boxes of medication and “things” in drawers and the warehouse. They don´t have time to adequately and professionally attend to the patients. Customers are leaving and they probably won´t be back anytime soon…
    Image that your professional staff will have the time and space to discuss each individual patient´s needs and health problems and to recommend the appropriate medicine and supporting products. It is possible because during your conversation the patients’ needs, thanks to Ardoo4u and intelligent connection to IS and SMART devices, are displayed in the background. During billing and payment the employee brings the ordered products and another satisfied customer has been served.

    Quickly, efficiently and professionally!

Arduino Technology

A unique connection of components to web and application interfaces.

GPS/GSM Localization

Possibility to connect and localize through GPS and GSM networks.

Wi-Fi Connection

Connectable to a local WiFi network for a sophisticated approach to searching and tracking.

How does it all work?

Are you sick and tired of searching for misplaced items which are unable to locate?

Just connect the Ardoo4u device to your WiFi network. Through this mobile application or through your browser, select any item and with the help of the Ardoo4u device you can locate it in seconds.

Simple synchronization with rest of your devices through cloud services

User friendly
Compact design
Long battery life

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Other features

Wi-FI 802.11 b/g/n/ac


Global Positioning System

Sound beep system

LED light/displey system

Lost ´n´ found system



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